Digital Services

for collaboration, design, education and culture.

Specialized in the design, production and management of “tailor mad​e”​ digital services​, focused to support our clients in the digital design of their business.

We are a melting pot based on the experience of people in the production of digital services and in the collaboration processes, thanks to the culture and education of its network.


International Cinema Academy

2019, Milano, Italy

Complete digital strategy. Brand and media design, Crm development and digital campaign to increase the conversion rate


Ecommerce Spireat

2019, Milan, Italy

Spireat web site's look and feel optimization, user experience and ecommerce development to increase sale of spirulina. Digital marketing listening to analyze Spireat's sales in Italy, including Ecommerce optimization to increase the conversion rate.


INTER Academy Website

2018, Milan, Italy

F.C. Internazionale Milano, an important Italian football brand, needed a digital project of its program “Inter Academy” for supporting this program to 20 affiliated football academies international network.


PGO Institute

2018, Parma, Italy

PGO Institute web site's look and feel, user experience and ecommerce development to increase sale of courses.


Ecommerce Mysa

2017, Stockholm, Sweden

Digital marketing campaign to increase Mysa's sales in Italy, France, Spain and Germany. Ecommerce optimization to increase the conversion rate.


ScuolaTao website

2017, Milano, Bologna, Roma, Lugano, Italy, Switzerland

Developing multi screen solution, including HD format, in Wordpress technology and high performance.



2016, Ferrara, Italy

Digital design strategy project to support LINVISIBILE's Internationalization, with the goal to move its reputation by going to other markets such as Russia, Northern Europe, Middle East, USA and Brazil.


Jean Monnet Digital Campaign

2016, Locarno, Switzerland

Digital marketing campaign to support the launch of Department of European Studies “Jean Monnet” to develop its reputation in Italy and Europe and to acquire qualified potential students for the campaign 2016.


Macromedia Contest

2014, Munich, Germany

Crowd-sourcing project developed for Macromedia University of Applied Sciences - that trains the next generation of media talent for an international media society with about 70 professorships and over 2000 students in Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, and Berlin. We designed strategy for acquiring international students as well creating a competition for all over the world.


The lifestyle and fashion magazine

2011-now, Novi Sad, Serbia

The lifestyle and fashion online magazine was founded in December 2010 in Milan. The website is written in Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, which are all versions of ex-Yugoslav languages, depending on the native language of the authors.